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BRAID Fullrace TA Beadlock A
BRAID Fullrace TA Beadlock A

BRAID Fullrace TA Beadlock A

Buggies, Side x Sides, Rally-Raid, Off-road, Baja/Dakar, 4x4, Gravel.



Derived from the Fullrace TA rally wheel, the Fullrace TA Beadlock A is a unique wheel that can be used to battle your way to winning championships or surviving the dessert crossing. Made from our Beadlock Technology, its extra heavy-duty features allow it to be used on the most demanding terrains on the planet in any type of small off-road vehicle, without any doubts.

These FlowCast Monoblock wheels are specially designed for the rigors of competition, especially Rally-Raid and Dakar-style off-road events. BRAID supplies many teams worldwide with these exemplary wheels. They are also used extensively on expedition and overland type vehicles as their European aesthetic compliments the look of these more upscale vehicles.

Made of a heat treated light alloy enabling optimal strength and lightness. Light yet durable these wheels are available for almost any vehicle with any offset, bolt pattern or center bore you require. From stock or made to order and delivered in 3-5 weeks. Call or email with your specific requirements.

Wheels can be built to your specifications with any offset, bolt pattern, or center bore you desire (within certain limitations). All wheels are made hub-centric with steel bolt hole inserts. Center caps sold separately, see ACCESSORIES above. Weights are in lbs and are approximate. Actual weight will depend on offset and bolt pattern.

Additional Options (Call for specific quotes): Lightweight machining, Hub ring & center machining, Custom Colors, Dual Drill, and Additional Offsets and widths are all possible.

The Beadlock A System is designed to clamp the tire bead between the wheel itself and an outer ring. Then, the ring is bolted onto the wheel with the tire bead clamped and secured in-between them. This system ensures that, both tires and wheels rotate as one single unit in acceleration and hard cornering.