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Flow Formed Wheels

Flow Forming is the most advanced cast technology to enter our wheel catalogue. It involves the application of pressure on the inner rim of the wheel while spinning, after it has been cast.

This process stretches and compresses the aluminium alloy, increasing tensile strength, resulting in a cast wheel with properties near to those found in a forged wheel.

The final wheel is lighter, stronger, with improved elongation to absorb greater impacts without breaking, as well as an increased load capacity over regular cast wheels.

Resuming, the BRAID's Fullrace FF is a unique solution to a common enigma, how to make a wheel both very light and very strong.


Fullrace FF 8x18



BRAID Fullrace FF

From $557.00

Track, Tarmac Rally, Autocross, Street. [split] Available from 18 x 8 to 18 x 13 BRAID's range of Fullrace FF (FlowForming) competition wheels are designed to survive the rigors of competition but are...