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BRAID Beadlock Options

BRAID Wheels offers two separate versions of the increasingly popular "Beadlock" option for off-road wheels. However, each of the two options are very different, and may fit different uses for your vehicle. 



BRAID Winrace T Beadlock A

BRAID Winrace T

This iteration is what most people think when they hear the word "beadlock." It involves a removable lip on the outer portion of the wheel, that is bolted on to the wheel after the tire to prevent de-beading when running low tire pressures for offroading, and can also prevent the tire from rotating separately from the wheel or "slipping." 

The Beadlock B is different from most beadlock wheels as the outer lip isn't actually removable from the wheel. Instead, it utilizes specialty bolts that thread thread through the lip and pinch, or lock, the bead of the tire into the wheel. This is functionally different from a standard beadlock wheel, but provides the same benefits by allowing the usage of lower tire pressures and reducing the possibility of the tire rotating on the wheel under acceleration. 


 Clicking on a photo of either beadlock version will take you to more wheel variants for each.