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Custom Wheels

Custom Design Series wheels are manufactured according to unique and individual projects of any complexity and open up opportunities for our customers not to give up on their dreams, even their wildest dreams, at an affordable price with a high-quality premium level.  The client is the artist.


The Custom Design Series are in Monoblock or in 3 pieces, but produced according to the customer's design, which helps to make the car more attractive and original.

Providing a drawing, sketch, or photograph of the required design is enough for our engineers to prepare a full-fledged 3D model and manufacture the wheels.



Made of high-quality aluminium, these wheels are available from 17" to 23" in diameter. In addition to technical parameters like PCD, ET, centre hub, and the correct inner profile for the brakes, the mass of the car is considered to calculate the load.
We also offer a variety of different finishes and centre cap options.

We introduce an order process as clearly and simple as possible.


The process is as follow: 

Step 1 - Sketch

The client sends us a drawing, diagram or image/photo that supports his explanations. Drawing can even be done by hand, as long as it shows the idea.






Step 2 - 3D Model

According to the information received, a 3D model is prepared and submitted for the client to check and improve, if necessary, his dream.


Braid Custom wheels




Step 3 - FEA

Adjustments are made to the design according to customer's wishes and comments, calculations of loads and resistance are finished, and the final design to be send to production is approved.


Braid Custom wheels




Step 4 - Manufacturing

Machining and milling begins. The wheels are manufactured according to the approved 3D model. This stage can take between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the complexity of the design


Braid Custom wheels




Step 5 - Finishing

Once the wheels are milled, the finishing and painting process begins, which will be carried out according to the client's requirements.


Braid Custom wheels





Step 6 - Inspection & Shipping

After completing the final inspections checking, the wheels are boxed and shipped to the customer.


Braid Custom wheels




Step 7 - Assembly

The customer receives the wheels and mounts them on the car. 

It is proven that dreams sometimes come true