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BRAID Forged UR4 Beadlock A
BRAID Forged UR4 Beadlock A

BRAID Forged UR4 Beadlock A

Desert Racing, Gravel Rally, Off-Road Racing, Overland, Rallycross, Rally Raid, Street. 


BRAID's range of Forged competition wheels are designed to survive the rigors of competition but are equally at home on the street. BRAID forged wheels are made of a light alloy enabling optimal strength and lightness. Light yet durable these wheels are available for almost any car with any offset, bolt pattern or center bore you require.  Made to order and delivered in 4-6 weeks. Sizes other than listed may be possible. Call or email with your specific requirements. 

The load rating per wheel is 1800kg/3968lbs

These wheels are available in any of our standard colors: Rally White, black, satin black, gold, green, yellow, silver, red, and anthracite  Custom colors are also available. The optional beadlock ring can be any standard color. Wheels are available with or without center caps without extra charge, though some specifications may not be able to accommodate them. Standard offset range -50 to +50. All wheels are made hub-centric with steel bolt hole inserts. Call or email with your specific requirements.

    The Beadlock A System is designed to clamp the tire bead between the wheel itself and an outer ring. Then, the ring is bolted onto the wheel with the tire bead clamped and secured in-between them. This system ensures that, both tires and wheels rotate as one single unit in acceleration and hard cornering.