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The Avant Garde Collection

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Today we announce a new partnership with The Avant Garde Collection in Portland Oregon.

After being in the higher end car business for many years, Avant Garde realized that there had to be a better way to market high-end vehicles than the traditional techniques. Traditional auction houses charge large fees and only occur few times a year in fixed locations. Most online services such as eBay lack credibility and the traditional advertisers such as Auto Trader work fine for regular cars, but not for special ones. Avant Garde are presenting cars in an unprecedented fashion, with top-notch photos and video. They want to put you in the drivers seat so you can see the car as if you were present. They also want to give you assurance of what you are buying, more than any online service has ever done and quite frankly, much more than a traditional auction house.

They also have a well-equipped shop and are able to service most makes and models. Their facility features the specialty tools and diagnostic equipment to get the job done properly. They are able to do everything from oil changes to full restorations and race-car preparation services, which is why they selected BRAIDusa for their wheels.


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