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New optional wheel intended for top class rally cars.

Victories are often determined not just by speed and handling, but by small details that allows the drivers to push their cars to the very limit. Nonetheless, thanks to BRAID’s continued investment in R&D and aimed for a better maneuvering in hard rally stage conditions on high power cars such as R5, we’ve introduced an improvement on the beat seat of the Acropolis 7"x15” wheels, that allows the tire to remain tight seated while the car is sliding.

The Fullrace Acropolis HH is an extra, that will be supplied only for cars with R5 specification.

With the addition of the new Fullrace Acropolis HH, the 7"x15” size range is completed with: Fullrace Maxlight, Fullrace TA, Fullrace T Acropolis and Fullrace T Acropolis HH. Each one intended to a different racing application, from soft asphalt to the most extreme gravel.

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