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Multi-class format with PT4 category.
The LMP3 Cup Championship has announced expansion to a multi-class format in 2018, allowing entries from the Ligier JS P4 and Radical RXC into class PT4, providing an intriguing mix of prototype and sportscar racing.
The Ligier JS P4 keeps to the same philosophy as the JS P2 and JS P3 in terms of performance, design and reliability, to help drivers and teams discover prototype sports car racing. BRAID Wheels is the sole supplier to the Ligier JS P4, supplying the Fullrace AC 18" wheels.

The Radical RXC, is the world’s most extreme road-legal coupe, inspired by LMP design, bringing the taste of Le Mans to the road.  BRAID also supplies the Forged I 18” wheels to Radical Sportscars for this vehicle.
The 2018 LMP3 Cup Championship will consist of 12 races over six weekends across the UK and a visit to Spa Francorchamps, in a split-Championship race with the GT Cup.


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