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Dakar Rally 2020

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A challenge for those who go. A dream for those who stay behind.  

Since its creation Dakar has been the pinnacle for any racing competitor.

Due to its toughness, exceptionalities and handling skills required, riders from many different Motorsport background, whether it is circuit, rally or hill climbing, have all dreamed about participating in the Dakar, to write their names on the stones and sands of its roughest paths. Primely to please its motor racing fanatics and curious onlooker, Dakar has also changed its location throughout its existence, from Europe to Africa, South America and now the Middle East. Even the participating vehicles and its regulations have changed to accommodate a constant adapting market, such as the SSVs and the future of the motoring, the electric vehicles.  




So, many changes have been made only for spectacle enhancement purposes and high enjoyment. However, one thing has remained throughout: BRAID Wheels.  

Dakar and BRAID have had a special relationship since the eighties. Manufacturers such as Porsche, Nissan, Peugeot and many others have found in BRAID the suitable partner to equip their vehicles.  

Whether it is hard competition, Baja or just a daily cruise, we have a wide range of well-suited wheels, from 14” to 15” wheels which are being widely used in the SSV, to the highly-recognized Fullrace T Dakar 16x7”.   


Dakar 2

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